Thursday, April 26, 2007

Central Asia ain't a Bad Place to be

Central Asia Ain’t a Bad Place to be.

After living outside the US since 1992, I can say that Central Asia living is underrated. The number of people who come here, and at first glance are hating it, don’t know what they’re missing. I’ve spent multiple years in each Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan (where I’m living now), and find the living here just fine for several reasons. But most of all I find the people, the relatively easy living, and the nature just great. As I am in Bishkek now and plan to be for awhile, I’ll tailor my comments to Kyrgyzstan for this article.

The People. The Soviet Union left Central Asia with a highly educated, and integrated population. People here are interested in the arts, politics, sports and science on par with people from any country. As a foreigner from the US, I have always been treated with respect, and find the people here just as interested in me and where I come from as I have been in learning about their part of the world. As the economy is developing, you can see the progress the business people are making as just about daily a new café or bar is opening somewhere.

What one might not realize is the relative easy and enjoyable living that can be found here. Real Estate is very reasonable, as is labor if you want to run a business. There are a few okay restaurants around. (I always make the point that since I like to cook, I don’t need 100 great restaurants, but 10 okay ones will do.) And prices for eating out are a fraction of what you would pay in the West. Traffic is light for the time being. There are rare traffic jams, but only in the very center of the city and at predictable times.

Finally, if you like nature, Kyrgyzstan can’t be beat. The country is 93% mountains, and from the capital you have a great view of some very close, and breathtaking peaks. The country is home to the world’s second largest alpine lake, Issik – Kol, which is fast becoming a tourist destination not only for Russians and Kazakhs, but also for Europeans. And if you like skiing, from the capital, Bishkek, you can be on some pretty good slopes in about 40 minutes.

So, for anyone interested in an enjoyable place to visit that you might not have considered, check out Central Asia, and specifically Kyrgyzstan. On and off, I’ve spent over six years here and find so many things about the place to my liking. Whether you are interested in meeting new, interesting people, or are looking for a new, relatively inexpensive destination, or if you are into nature and like to hike or ski or just hang out in a new place, Central Asia should be on your list.



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